Cupcakes Galore

On Saturday a small team of us gathered at the Church Centre to start baking for ‘Operation Cupcake’. Others who couldn’t join us for the morning baked at home and brought the cakes to us, loaned us equipment or funded ingredients. The aim was to make and decorate cupcakes and then give them away to everyone who had served our community as part of Love Bletchley day. In total we made & gave away over 200 cupcakes to people who had run a stall, served in shops/coffee shops, marshalled/Policed the event. [pictures below]

It was an absolute joy & privilege to see the church unashamedly getting outside the building and blessing the community. The people involved were young & old, young & mature believers, and some well-established in the church and others who have only joined us recently. Aside from the endless ‘thank you’s and compliments about the quality of the cakes, the best comment of the day [made by a member of our team]: ‘we should do this again!’

So who’s up for it?!


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