Let Them Eat Cake

It seems like forever since we first suggested the possibility of starting a Lunch project to provide hot meals for pupils whose families struggle during school holidays. In fact it was only back in November [read the details here…]. But believe me, it’s been far from quiet since – the project, Let’s Do Lunch, has taken on a life of its own and has been moving like a train since then. The level of interest has been huge, and from a wide range of people & organisations. We’ll be running a small-scale pilot project after Easter and then growing from there.

But I know what you’re thinking… When is he going to get to the exciting bit about cake?! Here it is…

Let Them Eat CakeWe need your help to raise awareness & support for the project & there’s a really simply way for you to do it. We’d like you to gather a group of your friends/family together, tell them about the Lunch project and, well, let them eat cake. You serve tea, coffee & cake, and they hear about the project. It’s that simple. We’ll provide all the information you need: invitations, information sheets, even the little decorative flags for the cakes. In fact, if you agree to get a group together, I’ll provide you with a scrummy fruitcake to get you started.

We don’t expect anything from your guests, other than a willingness to listen and to pass on what they learn. It might result in some wanting to offer some financial support, or to volunteer for a session or two, or it might simply result in them telling their friends about it. We just want as many people as possible to know about it not to make ourselves look good, but as we’ve already seen, because when people hear they are moved and have a desire to do something about it – anything they can.

So in a nutshell, are you willing to gather together a group of friends/family, serve them tea, coffee and cake, and tell them about the project (don’t forget, we’ll provide everything you need, even a cake to start you off). What could be easier?

Please get in touch and get the ball rolling!



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