During the summer holidays, with normal term-time routine on hold, we help to show God’s love to the community by running a number of events and activities for people of all ages, with a particular focus on families and seniors.


Towards the start of the summer holidays, in partnership with St Frideswide’s, we help to run a children’s holiday club called Lighthouse, for children from the ages 5-11. Originally planned for August 2020, we held a Covid-friendly version of Lighthouse in August 2021, before being able to run our first ‘normal’ Lighthouse in August 2022.

Running for a week, Lighthouse’s aim is for children from all walks of life to encounter God in a fun-filled week with worship, drama, prayer, messy games, discovery (Bible teaching), crafts, and sports. The following Sunday service is then also usually Lighthouse-themed.

Lighthouse happens every summer across the country – previously called ‘Lighthouse Bletchley South’, our Lighthouse is now called ‘Lighthouse Water Eaton’.

To find out more, head to the main Lighthouse website and follow the links to ‘Lighthouse Water Eaton’.

Child and Volunteer Registration for Lighthouse 2024 is now open! More information here.

Galilee Gardens

Once upon a time the garden at the back of the Church Centre was a barren wasteland. But with extensive grants it was transformed & re-opened as Galilee Gardens in 2003, complete with sand pit, tots play area, young people’s equipment, benches & a new lawn. One of the stipulations on the funding was that the now secure space would be opened for community use.

During the month of August, we open the Galilee Gardens at the back of the church to the community (usually on Wednesdays and Fridays). It is open to all but family groups with children are especially invited to come in, chat, use the play equipment and enjoy some activities and refreshment. This provides families with kids who are unable to get away on holiday with somewhere to go, as school and many term-time activities are suspended for the duration of the summer. We also often include a ‘prayer tree’ in the garden, with an opportunity to chat to church members.

Holiday at Home

‘Holiday at Home’ was set up back in 2016 by our former Parish Nurse and supported by Crosslinks and members of the two fellowships at WECC. Every September since then (apart from the two years hampered by Covid-19), the Church Centre has been transformed into a holidaying venue fit for those aged 60+ who might not otherwise be able to get away. Each year has brought with it a different theme, from the delights of Blackpool to the excitement of the seaside pier. Check out this year’s event here.

Click on the links below to discover some of the holidaying adventures we’ve had over the years: