Our History

Baptist work started in Fenny Stratford in 1797 and by 1805 there was a small meeting house in Aylesbury Street. In 1892 a new Spurgeon Memorial Church was built in Aylesbury Street and new schoolrooms were added in 1905.

After searching for a new site the church entered into a sharing agreement with St Frideswide’s to extend the existing St Frideswide’s site at Drayton Road, Water Eaton. The sale proceeds from the Aylesbury Street church site and the Boys Brigade Club site were used to extend the St Frideswide’s buildings adding a Youth Hall, the BB Room and ancillary rooms.

The Water Eaton Church Centre was opened on the 10 June 1975. The first phase of the work behind the Church Centre on the landscaping and play area for the local community and the church was completed during 2003.

The Water Eaton Church Centre is now the home of Spurgeon Baptist Church and of St Frideswide’s Church of England.