Our People

At Spurgeon Baptist Church, leadership is congregational rather than episcopal. That is to say, everyone who is a church member has a say on how the church is run. The church members elect the deacons, Church Secretary and Church Treasurer, who along with the Minister make up the Diaconate.

The Diaconate are responsible for the spiritual leadership, oversight and day-to-day administration of the church.


Our new minister is Rev Mung Hatzaw, who officially started his role with us on 1st March 2024. As Mung settles into our congregation, services in the short term will still on occasion be led by individuals from our Lay Preaching Team, members of the church who alternate in leading services and giving sermons.

Mung can be contacted via email at minister@spurgeonbaptist.com. There will be a dedicated page on this website with a biography and contact details coming soon, so please bear with us as we set this up!

Church Secretary

The Church Secretary assists the Minister and handles most of the administrative side of the life of the church.

If you have a matter that concerns the Church Secretary directly, you can email secretary@spurgeonbaptist.com.

Church Treasurer

The Church Treasurer is in charge of overseeing the church finances. This includes our offering, which funds the role of the minister and the work of the church.


We currently have six serving deacons, who are elected at our AGM.

Safeguarding Officers

The church membership has also appointed two safeguarding officers as Designated Persons for the purpose of administering safeguarding policy.

More information can be found on our Safeguarding Policy page under the heading ‘Responsible People’.