New Minister Announced

We are delighted to announce that we have found our next minister!

As many will know, Spurgeon’s is currently without a minister and we have been taking steps to find someone new to lead our congregation. A few weeks ago, we invited Mung Hatzaw to preach-with-a-view. For those unfamiliar with the term, it was a chance for both Mung and us as a congregation to find out more about each other, and discern whether God was calling Mung to be our next minister. As our Church Secretary put it:

… will we as a church fellowship, and he as a prospective minister for us, hear
the voice of God encouraging us to merge our paths together?

Well, we overwhelmingly did hear God encouraging us to call Mung to be our next minister. He, in return, accepted our invitation and so will be joining us as our minister for the next stage of our journey as a church family together. Thanks be to God!

The church, and Mung, now have much to think about, plan and prepare, and the deacons will be in close contact with Mung as they make all the necessary arrangements. Mung will officially join us on Friday 1st March, with an induction service appointing him as our new minister on Saturday 11th May.

So, what a start to 2024. We have a commitment to develop our building in conjunction with St Frideswide’s and a new minister to welcome soon. We’re thankful to the Lord for His leading. Please continue to pray that we may listen to His voice as we continue to move forward in this new phase.


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