Supporting material for Sunday 6th January

In last week’s sermon the Rev. Kevin White referred to a sheet of paper that was handen out at the beginning of the service. If you’ve lost your copy or used our listen again service, because you weren’t present, have no fear here’s the info you need.

The Seasons Reflection

Sit down and quietly reflect on your life; try to discern which season you are in
right now; give thanks to God that the seasons change.


Cold; Dark; Stripped bare; Waiting; Helplessness; Hunger; Emptiness; Exhaustion; Vulnerability; Weakness; Death; Fear; Failure


New life; Beginnings; Hope; Renewal; New shoots; Inspiration; Fresh energy; Birth; Initiatives; Resurrection


Strength; Power; Authority; Leadership; Maturity; Using gifts; Affirmation; Recognition; Pleasure; Relaxation; Rest; Sabbath; Enjoyment


Twilight; Waning; Diminishing; Pruning;
Letting go; Gathering in; Harvest; Burning; Cleansing; Discernment; Judgement; Reflection; Commitment;

My life always seems to have something in it of each of the four seasons. There is always some part of my life that is in winter where it is empty and dark. There is always some part of my life that is in the spring, where there are new beginnings and fresh hope. There is always some part of my life which is in the summer, where I am powerful and able to relax and enjoy life. There is always some part of my life that is in the autumn, where there are things that need to be let go of, and others that need to be recommitted to. On any day one of the seasons usually seems stronger than the others, but if I search my life there are always some parts of it that are in each of the seasons.”

Henry Morgan, The God You Already Know


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