Lent – Day 14

You Belong…

belongingIt has been claimed by a Christian sociologist that all human beings need three things at the core of their being: to be ‘seen’ (known and understood), to be ‘needed’ (valued and appreciated) and to be ‘loved’. We were created to be with others. At the very centre of who we are, with every fibre of our being, we need other people. Some of us are massively social animals and love to be around other people and positively feed of their energy, and some of us need our own space/time to recover our energy. But we all still need deep human relationships – it is built into us. We long to be accepted – by another individual, or by a group, or perhaps a family. 

Thankfully, even if everyone else rejects us, we still belong:

Belonging is not a condition we earn or create. It is a reality we discover. You are Loved. You are God’s. You are never alone – Gerard Kelly

But more than that. Not only are we loved & accepted by God:

‘You are members of God’s very own family, citizens of God’s country, and you belong in God’s household with every other Christian.’ – Ephesians 2:19 LB

Although nobody knows us and loves us like our Heavenly Father, he wants us to enjoy deep friendship and fellowship with other human beings. This kind of deep fellowship and sense of community was evident amongst the early Christians and should be present amongst God’s people today.

You are loved. You are accepted. You belong.

 – do you feel like you belong in God’s family, or do you feel like you don’t quite fit in?
– what do you do to ensure others are made to feel welcome in God’s family?

Father God, remind me that every person I meet is created in your image;
Help me to know that they are loved by you too, and belong in your family as much as me.
Make me someone who seeks to build community with other Christians;
– who focuses on what we have in common, rather than how we are different.
Help me to extend a warm welcome, to be an encourager, and to demonstrate your love to people.



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