A Rainy BBQ to end the BB Year

To celebrate the end of another fun and busy year at the 1st Bletchley Company, we held our customary end-of-year BBQ, which would usually happen in the Galilee Gardens round the back of the church. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans with the heavens opening at exactly 6pm. This meant switching to plan B, with the BBQ taking place under a gazebo and everyone gathered in the Assembly Room and Youth Hall. Nevertheless, everyone remained in good spirits and there was plenty to do inside to keep the younger sections occupied. Over 80 burgers were handed out in total, which was only possible due to all our volunteers who kindly helped with the preparation.

Towards the end of the evening, we held our Awards Presentation to celebrate members’ achievements from across the different sections. Notable achievements included recipients of the ‘Volunteer Staged Award’ and one of our Seniors being promoted to Sergeant. The winners of this year’s ‘Inspection Hall of Fame’ from the Junior and Company sections were also announced, which can be viewed here.

We also said farewell and a big ‘thank you’ to Lynda, who is stepping back after helping to lead the Anchor Section for a dedicated 14 years. The evening ended with a rendition of the BB Vesper and a prayer. We wish all our members an enjoyable summer and look forward to seeing them back in September.

If you are interested in your child joining us for the new year or would like to volunteer (helpers are always needed!), feel free to check out our website or contact us here.

Lynda receives a round of applause after 14 years of service


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