Old Article on Memorial Church Resurfaces

Recently, the Milton Keynes Living Archive posted an interesting article on their Facebook page covering the history of our Baptist church in the local area and the demolition of Spurgeon Baptist Memorial Church, our former building in Fenny Stratford before we moved to our current site at the Water Eaton Church Centre in 1975 (you can read out more about this on our ‘Our History‘ page).

The article in question, from the weekly column, ‘That Reminds Me’, stems from November 1975. As well as covering the history of the Baptist presence in the Bletchley/Water Eaton/Fenny Stratford area since the 16th century, it also notes the “twinge of regret” some local people must have felt with the demolition of the building and the removal of the Baptist community from Fenny.

Did you also know that we were originally ‘particular Baptists’ when Baptist work started in Fenny back in 1797 and that its leader, William Linnell, was a baker?

Spurgeon Memorial Baptist Church, photographed in 1975, after it had been sold and awaiting demoliton, Credit: Living Archive MK

‘That Reminds Me’ was a weekly column by writer Harold Hepworth, published in the Bletchley Gazette from January 1973 to December 1978. This week, the history of the Spurgeon Memorial Baptist Church.

Living Archive MK

You can check out the article, which has been kindly shared by the Living Archive MK, here.


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