BMS Day of Prayer 2023

Yesterday (Sunday 5th February) was the BMS Day of Prayer 2023 – a day to pray for BMS World Mission work across the world.

In our Morning Worship on Sunday, Nick (who was leading our service and also works for BMS) introduced us to resources for the day of prayer during our service. These resources, which include a video and prayer points to download, can also be found on the ‘Day of Prayer’ page on the BMS World Mission website.

As a church, we support BMS World Mission by sending them money from our main church funds, but many members also get involved through the BMS Birthday Scheme, the 24:7 Mission Partner scheme, the BMS Prayer Guide or ‘Engage’, their regular magazine.

Do think of BMS this coming week and pray for their work in fragile states and unevangelised communities, serving some of our world’s most marginalised people.

Don’t forget you catch up with all the latest BMS news on our website here and on the BMS prayer space on our church newsletter.

A prayer for this week:

Loving Father, as we go about our own lives this week, please help us to remember all those in our own community and around the world who are less fortunate and do not know of Your love and peace. Bless them we pray and show us how we can help them more.


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