Baptist Assembly Online 2021

On Sunday 16th May 2021, rather than putting on our usual ‘Log On @ Eleven‘ service, we will be joining the online Baptist Union Assembly Sunday Service which starts at 10.30am and aims to finish at 11.40am.

The address will be given by Shane Claiborne, a prominent speaker, activist, and best-selling author. Shane worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and founded ‘The Simple Way in Philadelphia’. He heads-up Red-Letter Christians, a movement of people who are committed to living “as if Jesus meant the things he said.” Shane is a champion for grace which has led him to jail advocating for the homeless and to places like Iraq and Afghanistan to stand against war. Now grace fuels his passion to end the death penalty and help stop gun violence. See the Baptist Union website for more information.

To access the service, or if you would like to find out more, please see the church newsletter, or contact us.

You can also watch the service in-person at the church! More details here.

After Church Coffee will follow as usual at 12 noon.


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