Water Eaton Community Larder

All items at the Water Eaton Community Larder would have been sent to landfill despite being delicious and having months or even years left on their expiration dates!

The Community Larder is a membership programme open to everyone where you can buy shopping from £3.50 per week and help reduce perfectly good food going to waste.

An individual membership provides up to 10 items of non-perishables (pasta, tins, sauces etc) per week plus free fruit and vegetables.

The Water Eaton Community Larder is open every Tuesday between 2pm-3.30pm at Water Eaton Church Centre on Drayton Road.

Please find more information, including how to become a member, on SOFEA’s website: https://www.sofea.uk.com/ and in this news article on our website: https://bit.ly/2D0oW8f


  1. My mum Daughter in law and myself can’t make the Larder Tuesday as we’re away.Rachel Cameron Lorna Stanley and amy wood. Someone from the Larder said we could freeze our membership so was just wondering if this is an option?

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