Galilee Gardens Open

Once upon a time the garden at the back of the Church Centre was a barren wasteland. All of the fence panels had been removed, the ‘lawn’ was lumpy & very patchy with some bonfire marks, and it had become a thoroughfare for anyone who wanted a short-cut to avoid walking round the car park. But with extensive grants it was transformed & re-opened as Galilee Gardens, complete with sand pit, tots play area, young people’s equipment, benches & a new lawn. One of the stipulations on the funding was that the now secure space would be opened for community use.

This August the gardens are open on Wednesday & Friday afternoons for families to come along and enjoy the space & make friends, with free refreshments, games, craft & reflective activities. We’ve had two sessions so far and those who’ve joined us have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we’ve enjoyed meeting & getting to know them. We are very grateful to a team of volunteers and a Mission grant from the Central Baptist Association which have made this possible.

The photos below are from today’s session which included a very popular basketball activity. Together we created a representation of the Olympic torch from scraps of material, and attached hopes & prayers to it.


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