Lent – Day 27

Rethinking Prayer

not-my-will-but-yours-be-doneOne Sunday at church I asked all the children & young people to pray for their parents. To join them, and pray out loud that God would bless them & help them fulfil their responsibility as parents. It was beautiful to hear the whispers as they prayed – perhaps some praying out loud for the first time, no doubt many praying out loud in front of their parents for the first time. I reminded everyone that we can pray with boldness because Jesus said ‘you can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father’ [John 14:13 NLT].

I’m sure we’ve all prayed and been frustrated that God hasn’t answered our prayers. They may have been tiny, almost insignificant prayers, or they may have been huge, bold requests. But it’s easy to feel let down when we don’t think God has heard our prayers; or worse, that He’s heard them but hasn’t answered them. Watch this video for a very different way of thinking about prayer:

One of the questions we ask regularly at Summer Camp & Hope MK is ‘where have I seen God at work today/this week?’. But the much more important question we should ask ourselves regularly is: ‘where have I been God at work this week?’ I pray that you would open yourself to the possibility that God has heard someone’s prayer and that you might be the answer to their request.

We can shy away from the word ‘calling’ because it often points to something long-term and requiring a massive sacrifice. But it can also be something incredibly easy & short-term. Listen out for God’s calling for you this week…

– whose prayer is God going to use me to answer?
– how will I know?
– am I willing to be obedient to God’s calling?

Father God, please use me today.
Reveal your will for me today & this week.
Holy Spirit, speak to my heart & help me to believe that it’s You;
– help me to know what you want me to do, who you want me to serve.
Lord Jesus, I want to be Your hands and feet.
Please use me…



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