Mission Grant Awarded

We are delighted that as part of the on-going fundraising for our Youth Ministry work, we have been awarded a ‘Mission Project’ grant by the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Mission Project grants are awarded to enable churches to make a real difference to their community. The grant of £2,245, awarded via The Crosslinks Centre on the Lakes Estate in Bletchley, will be used to purchase Christian literature and Bibles for use in our work with young people.

We applied to the Baptist Union (of which we are a member) with a ‘wish list’ of items which we felt would be of great use in our various projects. The wide range of items includes ‘Beat Bullying’ wristbands to support our work in local schools, DVD resources to encourage discussion, materials to support our Junior Church teaching, training resources for volunteers in our Youth & Childrens’ work, leaflets for future street work, and Bibles & resources to support our work with young offenders at Oakhill Secure Training Centre.

Baptist Union of Great BritainWe are really pleased with the award which, aside from the obvious boost to our resources, is a great encouragement to us: that the work we’re doing (and plan to do) has been recognised & valued by the Baptist Union.


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