1st Bletchley’s Got Talent

Last Saturday saw the 1st Bletchley join forces with our sister Girls’ Brigade company to put on a combined awards and talent show. With the theme for the evening being talent we appreciated the many skills of our members both in performance and the recognition of their efforts in gaining awards throughout the last session.

I was pleased to be able to award a number of service badges that can only be earnt by attandance both on a Sunday and parade night. The girls’ awards were presented by the Milton Keynes GB District Commissioner, Rachel Allen. Joining her as guest of honour was our very own Bill Bond.

There was some sneakiness going on before the event. Let me explain. Bill has now retired from work and has decided to retire from Boys’ Brigade. OK, you say, very nice. Nice doesn’t begin to describe the contribution Bill has made to our company since joining as a boy (I’ll leave you to do the arithermatic). He has been captain twice in our company’s history and touched the lives of many. Thanks to the sneakiness many of them attended the evening to catch up on old times during the post show BBQ. Bill was presented with a special silver version of the campers badge that he had as a boy and, in part, recognises his contribution to MK Summer Camp, but then that’s another story.

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