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In-Person ‘Log On @ Eleven’ Temporarily Suspended

Sadly, the church building will now be temporarily closed on a Sunday morning for those wanting to view our virtual service, ‘Log On @ Eleven‘, in-person on the screen. We hope and pray that we can open again soon!

Update from Craft Group

A message from Craft Group for the start of 2021: Welcome to 2021!  This year we are going to explore crafts new to us. Our first craft of the year is ‘Dorset Buttons’.  You can find full instructions at ‘Henry’s Buttons’, www.henrysbuttons.co.uk. There are some easy to follow YouTube videos.  Just search for Dorset Buttons in your…

In-Person ‘Log On @ Eleven’ to Continue

Since places of worship will not be required to close as part of the new national lockdown, the church building will remain open on a Sunday morning for those wanting to participate in our online service in-person, which is broadcast on the screen. Due to social distancing guidelines, seats will need to be pre-booked. To…


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