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Making WECC Sight-Loss Friendly

Ever since we became a sight-loss friendly church along with St Frideswide’s, we have been helping to make the Water Eaton Church Centre more sight-loss friendly by making adjustments to avoid trips and hazards for those who have difficulty in seeing objects which many people take for granted.

We started with a simple solution to highlight the step from the Galilee Gardens into our lounge by replacing a black doormat with a brightly coloured mat. We then installed bright motion-activated lights over the steps leading from the car park to the church building.

Although we have made progress, there’s still more to do to ensure the building can be used by those with little or no sight.

Bright motion-activated lights illuminating the steps from the car park to the building

You can find out what makes a sight-loss friendly church and what constitutes sight-loss by following the links from the Torch Trust below…

‘What is a Sight Loss Friendly Church?’ – An explanation by the Torch Trust

#HowISee – An informative video on the spectrum of sight


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