Mothering Sunday @ Spurgeon’s

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday, a chance to celebrate and remember all those who have been mothering figures in our lives, whether that be our own mum’s, close family members, or church family.

As is the tradition in many churches across the country, all the mothers and mothering figures present in our congregation received flowers as a token of appreciation and thanks for all the blessings they bring into our lives.

We give thanks to God for all the mothering figures he has placed into our lives and pray that he may be especially close to those who have lost their own mother, or experience a lack of motherly love, that they might find that source of love in him.

As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.

Isaiah 66:13 (NIV)

A prayer from Rev Dr Gordon Giles for Mothering Sunday:

God of love, whose son Jesus Christ, shared the family home in Nazareth, draw the whole human family to yourself and grant that all families may dwell in love and peace and mutual care always. Amen.

In other News…

Cycle Rack Survey

The Joint Church Council (JCC), the body which manages the church building, is inviting all church centre users to provide views on the provision of cycle racks. Would you want to use them?

You can complete the survey by following the link in the church newsletter or you can also complete a paper copy, which is available on the table located in the main entrance of the church.

Easter Cracked begins this week!

This Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll have around 190 Year 5 and 6 children from local primary schools coming into the Church Centre to explore and crack the meaning of the Easter story through interactive sessions made up of drama, games and quizzes.

In addition, 2000 students will be visiting schools and churches across Milton Keynes as part of the Easter Cracked Project in partnership with MK Bridgebuilder Trust.

It’s not too late to volunteer if you would like to get involved in supporting any of the sessions! Simply contact us to get involved.

But above all else, please remember Easter Cracked in your prayers this week, that the pupils might discover and understand the good news of Easter for themselves.

Lighthouse Volunteering

Although not until July, volunteering for Lighthouse 2023 has now opened!

You can find more information here.

Would you like to receive further news updates like this? You can sign up to our weekly newsletter by contacting us or emailing to be added to the distribution list. Hard copies are also available in the church.


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