New Series: Following Jesus’ Footsteps

As we begin the interregnum, a time without a lead pastor, we’re going to let Scripture be our pastor as we explore some of the New Testament letters. These letters were written to young churches who knew something about discipleship & mission but who needed ongoing pastoral advice.

Keep Calm - Read 1 PeterOur new series which begins this Sunday is entitled “Following Jesus’ Footsteps”, which will see us exploring 1 Peter. Please join us this Sunday as we start our journey together. Here’s the how the readings will break down over the six weeks – make sure you read along before each Sunday to ensure you get the most out of it:

So what does Peter’s letter to a 1st Century church in Rome have to say to us today, as a church in Bletchley? What does this letter, originally written to the first generation of Christians, have to say to us as 21st Century Christians? More than you might think:


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