Lent – Day 21

Coffee with God

Hot CoffeeSo we’re just starting the second half of Lent. I know that making 20 minutes a day to devote to God, explore his Word & reflect on what it says is a real challenge. I hope by now that you’ve noticed a difference – that your relationship with God is somehow deeper, more real, more important to you. Stick with it…

A slightly different approach today – there’s no reflection to read – instead watch the following video, then read on when you’re done:


– what do I need to do to really start valuing my time with God?
– ‘the unlimited presence of God means you can meet with Him anywhere’ – where is your chair?

Lord Jesus, help me to value my time with you – make it special to me.
Help me to value it above the things which currently occupy my time.
Transform me as I meet with you each day.

Hot Coffee


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