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Mission is a word we’re quite familiar with. We know about, and probably make contributions to, BMS World Mission or other similar organisations. We are interested to hear about what missionaries are doing for the Lord all over the world. But we too have a role to play in mission – reaching out to those around us – our families, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.


  • How can we encourage others to join us?
  • What sort of church would we like to be part of?
  • What does God want us to do in our church now to spread the good news of Jesus?

Do these questions excite you or make you feel a bit daunted? If we’re honest – probably a bit of both!

These are the sorts of issues the deacons have been thinking and praying about over the last few months, and we started to bring to the church members’ meeting in September. Now it’s time to open up the discussion and really start to get to grips with mission and outreach in a meaningful way.

We want to invite you to an open meeting – open to church members and attenders – but also open in the sense of being open to listen to each other and to the Lord.

We are gathering at: 7.45pm on Thursday 15th November at the Church Centre to move the discussion on.

Mission and outreach can be small things – inviting someone to one of our family services and lunch – helping to drop leaflets through doors to advertise events and services – or it can be more radical.

To help us open our eyes to what might be possible, Rev. Chris Bell has drafted a discussion paper which will be circulated prior to the meeting – please read it. This is what Chris says about it:

This paper is provided for discussion, as a means of challenging and/or creating perspectives, as well as something to rail against! My hope is that this will help to provide a vision for the future – not merely by asking: ‘what do WE want in this Church Centre’ (for the building is provided as a resource for mission purposes) – but ‘what does the Lord desire to be provided in this area for the purposes of His innovative mission to the community within which we are placed’.

Don’t miss out – come along to Water Eaton Church Centre on Thursday 15th November at 7.45pm and be part of the action! See you there.


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