Virtual Morning Worship

During the uncertainty and imposed isolation of the Covid-19 situation, our normal Sunday morning services at Water Eaton Church Centre are not taking place. Instead, we invite our congregation to join together in worshipping at home during the same time slot.

Each Sunday morning, at 11AM, a new virtual service premieres on YouTube and we’ll link to it below. While the sermon and Scripture reading will be different every week, and following the teaching series we had planned for 2020, we will hold the service together with a simple liturgy which you can follow on-screen or by downloading the PDF version here.

If you’re busy at 11AM on Sunday don’t worry, you can still watch the service any time you like after then!

Latest Service: 22nd November 2020

Don’t forget to go into ‘full-screen’ mode so you can read along with the liturgy.

Previous Services

You’ll find links to the last few online services archived below, and you can view a complete back-catalogue of all services on our YouTube channel.

The services before July 2020 use a different liturgy booklet which you can still find here.

‘James – Faith Lived Out’ Series

September Guest Preachers

Summer In The Psalms’ Series