Home Groups

In addition to our worship services our Home Groups meet to share fellowship, provide mutual support and study God’s Word. We currently have one group which meets on Thursday evenings. The groups usually meet weekly, but occasionally take a break at Easter, Summer & Christmas.

Thursday Group – led by Nick Lingard

Nick says:

‘Our Home Group meets on a Thursday evening at 19.30 and tries to strike a balance between being thoughtful and challenging on the one hand, yet fun and supportive on the other. We will normally work our way through a series of material week by week to help us with the thoughtful and challenging stuff and then always make sure we have enough time to catch up on each other’s news and any concerns for prayer before we go home, aiming to finish at 21:00. Anyone is welcome, at any stage in their Christian life and if all you want to do is listen to the rest of us at first – then that’s absolutely fine! Why not drop in to find out? The coffee is free!!’